Digital transformation the order of the day

In 2016, Danper decided to take a qualitative leap in its technological capacity and carry out a digital transformation process, with the support and expertise of Xertica.

The growth of the company, as well as its highly demanding operations and services, demanded technological support that would allow it to achieve scalability and dynamism, and its previous On premise scheme did not allow it.

This is how, together with Xertica, the client decided to migrate the SAP project to the Google Cloud platform to integrate its cloud services and optimize its processes.

As Raul Saldaña, Information Technology Manager at Danper, commented, the cloud was going to help enhance scalability with the necessary support for the company's operational and sales growth.

Successful SAP migration to Google cloud

A migration process was carried out in 4 phases over a period of 3 months.

Phase 1: the initial evaluation of the status of the SAP environments that Danper had was carried out.

Phase 2: the final solution was analyzed and designed.

Phase 3: the infrastructure was adapted to carry out the migration, backups of all the information were validated and the necessary tests were carried out.

Phase 4: SAP was migrated to Google Cloud quickly and transparently for the user.

Platform benefits

The company's objective was achieved in a satisfactory manner and a solution was provided to its main problem: offering a service with greater scalability. Through this migration, the client managed to eliminate dependency on its previous supplier.

Danper currently has the possibility of finding 99.9% of the services available in the Google cloud, generating greater flexibility and an efficient payment system.

Next steps

The key is to continue betting on innovative measures that enhance the business. In this sense, Danper plans to continue boosting its sales through the additional tools that Google offers, related to predictive analytics for the quality of its products, and new perspectives that contribute to the company's growth.