In terms of specific needs, the Government of Tamaulipas sought to modernize its tools and services, migrating from traditional solutions to more flexible and advanced options. The need was identified to promote more efficient and fluid collaboration between officials, allowing them to share and work in real time on documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Likewise, it was crucial to have a platform that facilitated communication and coordination between team members, both within the organization and with citizens and some external officials.

Additionally, cloud availability became essential to securely access files and documents from any location and device, providing greater flexibility and work mobility. Cost optimization was also an important factor, and the Government of Tamaulipas was looking for a solution that offered a better return on investment and cost reduction compared to existing solutions. Finally, the organization recognized the need to stay up to date with the latest trends and technological advances.

In an increasingly digitalized world, organizations are constantly striving to optimize their technological infrastructure with the goal of improving collaboration and productivity. In this sense, the Government of Tamaulipas faced a significant challenge when implementing Google Workspace. This challenge covered technical aspects, change management, organizational behavior and development of low code applications through Appsheet.


Change management was a critical aspect during the implementation of 10,000 Google Workspace licenses for the Government of Tamaulipas. The significant change in the way officials interacted and carried out their daily work required a careful approach to ensure a successful transition. To address this challenge, a comprehensive communication plan was developed that included presenting the benefits of Google Workspace, appropriate training, constant feedback, and problem resolution.

A proactive approach was taken to address resistance to change, identifying key points of concern and implementing effective strategies to alleviate them. Additionally, an open mindset was fostered among staff, promoting a willingness to abandon old ways of working and adapt to new methods of collaboration and communication.

Additionally, as a consequence of the Appsheet training provided by Xertica, the Government of Tamaulipas is promoting a culture of innovation, since this tool allows technology to be democratized. As a result, to date they have developed 9 applications without writing a line of code, and they plan to empower the 16 ministries to be completely autonomous, and can develop their own solutions without depending on the IT area.

The active participation of officials was essential for the successful adoption of Google Workspace. They were given the opportunity to participate in defining new practices and a culture of continuous learning was fostered. Management played a key role in leading by example, demonstrating enthusiasm for the adoption of Google Workspace tools and encouraging active employee participation.

In addition to change management challenges, implementing Google Workspace also involved technical challenges. Efficient and accurate migration of data, including files and emails, was essential. Appropriate tools and methods were used to ensure successful transfer of data in record time, and technical training was provided to IT managers to ensure smooth adoption of the new platform.

In summary, through extensive assessment and planning, efficient data migration, adequate technical training, and effective change management, the Government of Tamaulipas managed to overcome the technical and change management challenges associated with the implementation of Google Workspace . This successful transition allowed collaborators to adopt new methods of collaboration and communication, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improving efficiency in government operations.

‍“We have to seek to be at the forefront with the development of technologies that allow simplicity, flexibility, and innovation in Governments. When there are Google tools like Appsheet, they encourage us to follow the path of a digital government.”  Omar Coronado, Undersecretary of innovation and technologies of the Government of Tamaulipas.


The implementation of Google Workspace in the Government of Tamaulipas has provided significant results and benefits. Through an implementation approach in three phases: Core IT, early adopters and Go Live, following Google's methodology, the organization managed to adopt all the communication and collaboration tools that Workspace offers. This has changed the way the municipality carries out its daily activities related to email, data and information management, taking them to a new level of performance.

The implementation was carefully planned by the team from the Government of Tamaulipas and Xertica. The fast and orderly delivery of the licenses, as well as the migration of data before the termination of the legacy Office 365 licensing, demonstrated excellent project execution.

Overcoming the challenge of transitioning to Google Workspace required a comprehensive solution that addressed technical, change management, and organizational behavior aspects. Through careful assessment and planning, effective data migration, implementing strong change management, and promoting active adoption, the organization was able to overcome obstacles and maximize the benefits of Google Workspace with the collaboration of Xertica.

The Government of Tamaulipas considers Google Workspace as an ideal tool to carry out all its daily activities. As part of the update of their technological platforms, they found in Google Workspace a collaboration and communication solution that allows their collaborators to carry out their functions effectively, optimizing the municipality's processes.

In summary, the successful implementation of Google Workspace has led the Government of Tamaulipas to experience a significant improvement in its daily activities, from email management to the secure handling of data and information. The benefits include greater performance, more efficient collaboration and optimization of municipal processes, supported by the comprehensive solution implemented in conjunction with Xertica. “The support that Xertica has given has been imperative throughout the process, the 10,000 users have had good acceptance of the Workspace platform, key training. This change is driving the Government of Tamaulipas to have a culture of social innovation” Miguel Alpizar - Director of User Services in the Government of Tamaulipas.