The need for support services became evident due to the growing demand for resources and services in the cloud, which led the Government of Valle del Cauca to seek solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of its information systems. In particular, the entity required SAP managed services to ensure the availability and security of critical business data and applications, as well as training for its IT staff to optimize cloud resource management and improve innovation capacity of the entity.

The Government of Valle del Cauca faced a great challenge: maintaining the continuity of infrastructure services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and at the same time expanding its computing capacity for the operation of the entity's information systems. To achieve this, specialized technical support services for the cloud solution were required, including SAP managed services and training for the personnel in charge of managing the systems.


The project began with the renewal of the entity's Cloud system, which has 18 projects and more than 70 GCP services. However, the main focus was on providing managed services that allowed them to meet their objectives. For this, the services provided were:

- GCP infrastructure including infrastructure monitoring, detection and management.
- SAP Basis Managed Services: SAP Basis administration and monitoring, SAP upgrades, SAP Software startup/shutdown, SAP Software performance management, capacity planning and SAP Software administration, incident management /problems, monitoring events and measuring service levels and reports, among others.
- Data Security and Risk Management: Protecting websites and applications from web and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and Web Application Firewall (WAF). An intrusion detection service was also configured to provide threat detection for intrusions, malware, spyware, and command and control attacks on the network.

The managed service was also included in this project and allowed the entity to generate requests that in turn were diagnosed to determine the origin of incidents and problems, and carry out the necessary work to provide definitive solutions after passing through client approval. .


Thanks to the implementation of Xertica, the Government of Valle del Cauca managed to maintain the continuity of its services and expand its computing and service capacity, allowing its teams to focus on the strategy and leaving the operation in the hands of Xertica. Some of the most important results were:

- 100% free of service disruptions that impact the operation of the entity.
- 40 minutes average attention per request.
- Less than 25 minutes in solution times.
- 99.9% availability thanks to continuous monitoring of all its components.

The benefits of this service are leveraged in the adaptation of the entity to the technological tools within its processes, which has made it possible to improve several problems related to information security, in addition, working together has generated an improvement in the service in in order to satisfy all users of the organization and also to improve and optimize costs.

For the Government of Valle del Cauca, it has been a transcendental and highly positive step to have migrated a large part of its technological infrastructure to the GOOGLE CLOUD, which allows us to have high AVAILABILITY of its services and rapid recovery from possible incidents, AGILITY to deployment and implementation of the needs that arise, COST REDUCTION by being able to count on technological resources when required and when not dispensing with the resource and above all SECURITY through the application of global security standards of infrastructure. Juliana Renteria ICT Director

‍Xertica's Google Cloud Platform infrastructure management service provides customers with peace of mind knowing that their systems are monitored and supported by a team of highly trained specialists. With this service, you can be sure that any incident or request will be attended to quickly either in English or Spanish. Additionally, the infrastructure optimization report allows customers to identify cost-saving opportunities and improve their service configuration. Xertica offers attention according to the requirements of each client, and has certified specialists in Google platforms and multiple contact channels for efficient communication.

In the Government of Valle del Cauca this translates into a reliable, secure and scalable technological infrastructure. Thanks to this, they have managed to improve the continuity of their services, optimize their costs, improve information security, and have efficient and personalized technical support. For Xertica, it is a pleasure to accompany the entity in its digital transformation.