The challenge was to build an advanced technological platform that will deploy the applications to carry out the year's population census. INEC was looking for an efficient CLOUD service that would allow all these resources to be managed quickly and scalably.

Until this moment, the entity had worked with on-premise tools that did not allow them to maintain the control and security necessary when dealing with confidential information in a limited time. The urgency of the project was vital for them.

‍“We were looking for high availability, data security, scalability, a quick response time that would allow us to expedite this important project. “Xertica had the experience to guide us and teach us how to use and innovate our cloud processes.” Juan Pablo Chimborazo, Infrastructure Analyst


To address these challenges, Xertica implemented infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in the GCP cloud with the goal of enabling more than 18,000 census takers to enroll in this process.

This allowed INEC to have scalability and real-time data, as well as constant feedback on its consumption, optimization of its platform and complete monitoring and audit trail.

This project was implemented in record time: in just two days, the necessary infrastructure for the implementation was established, while in a period of approximately seven days the necessary loading and testing was carried out to ensure that the platform was ready for use. . The agile implementation allowed INEC to meet its objectives within the established deadline and provide quality service to its users.


By having a platform 100% managed in the cloud, they managed to leave their comfort zone and achieved a deployment in record time that would be impossible with hardware. Xertica delivered 21 VMs for 6 applications and advised the client at all times with improvements and recommendations. This allowed:

- 100% self-sufficiency for INEC.
- 1,200 requests per second attended during census registration.
- 18,000 census takers registered to train and participate in the first census carried out entirely in the Cloud.
- Up to 33% budget reduction months after implementation.

The platform also allowed INEC to have complete control over data security and to detect and prevent attacks and denials of service, keeping confidential census data safe. On the other hand, they had the constant support of technicians and training of the Xertica experts.

‍“Having been trained by Xertica experts and directly with the console administrators was not only training but a transfer of knowledge. When raising a ticket, it was not only resolved but it was indicated how it was resolved and that generates a lot of value in the team; “We have a baseline that allows us to continue innovating.” Added Carlos Rivas, INEC IT Director.


The path towards INEC's digital transformation has just begun. Its greatest challenge is for other areas not related to technology to join the use of Google Cloud.

The success of Ecuador's National Census was due in large part to the cloud infrastructure implemented by Xertica. Thanks to this implementation, INEC was able to carry out the census completely throughout the country, which had a direct impact on citizens.

‍“The census project is still here but the idea is to change this chip in the institute: the on-premise helps us store the information but it is important to take a technological leap with cloud services that allow us to develop systems in a way agile and precise. Our next challenge is new statistical operations developed in the cloud, always maintaining information security.”Carlos Rivas, IT Director

‍The implementation of cloud infrastructure allowed INEC to generate technological tools and open its doors to innovation: it gave value to the data that can now be part of the improvement of processes in the different instances of this public institution.

‍“The word I would like to highlight within this project is Resilience. The team has been able to adapt to all these changes before, during and after the project with the help of Xertica and Google Cloud. We achieved it, it is a milestone that is no less worth highlighting and I consider that this project is complex but very well completed.” Carlos Rivas, IT Director.

‍INEC is a pioneer in Ecuador in implementing cloud technologies for its projects and it is an honor for Xertica to be part of this enablement and optimization that takes them one step forward in their digital transformation.