Xertica and pacasmayo taking the construction sector to the top

Pacasmayo, a leading company in the construction sector, and xertica joined forces to migrate the infrastructure of this large peruvian company to the most agile and secure cloud on the market.

Technology advances and companies adapt their operations to these processes to strengthen their development in the market. Learn more about xertica's project to meet its digital enablement goals.

What is pacasmayo and what does it do?

Pacasmayo is the leading cement company in the provision of construction solutions located in peru. Its mission is to meet the needs of its clients and thus contribute to the progress of the country through its high quality standards, financial solidity and respect for the environment.

For this reason, they required the implementation of a strategic digital solution that would generate added value in the relationship with their clients.

The proposal implemented in pacasmayo

Xertica proposed migrating to a structure based on the best practices offered by google cloud. Why? It's simple: to ensure that client projects interact in an organized, secure manner and are easy to manage.

To meet this objective and facilitate processes through google cloud, xertica implemented a sap environment for all pacasmayo's internal projects. One of the main advantages of this type of environment is its controllable consumption costs.

Thus, the google cloud virtual private cloud (vpc) was launched, offering:

- networking tools functionality to compute engine virtual machine instances, google kubernetes engine containers, and app engine flexible environment.
- global, scalable and flexible tools for cloud-based services.

How was it done and what results were obtained? In just 3 months and thanks to the implementation of these digital solutions and our managed services, pacasmayo changed its infrastructure completely.

But how was it done?

- to alleviate the workload, the same domain was initially used to migrate content from onpremise to sap. In addition, backups were made continuously, guaranteeing the security of the information.
- created your own cloud organization using a three-part access management model: member, role, and policy.
- the development environment was implemented and migrated so that resources are organized in folders, projects and nomenclatures.
- defined architectures and data hierarchy were generated.
- finally, the data studio platform was activated to have details of project billing.

In this way, pacasmayo managed to reduce investment costs and implementation times of technological solutions. Thanks to the launch of the google cloud, the company found 99.9% availability of services, something that allowed it to increase its scalability, flexibility and sustained payment according to consumption.

Taking a different path can often be challenging, but pacasmayo chose to embrace transformation and step confidently into the future. This is what luis miguel soto, cio of the company, made clear: “changing is not easy, but when you do it with the help of a partner like xertica, with proven experience and in whom you trust, it reduces the uncertainty and strengthens the decision. ”.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud

If, like pacasmayo, you want your company to grow and become a model of operational efficiency, explore the commercial benefits of undertaking this migration:

- costs reduction
- agile and simple resource administration
- safe environments
- project and billing visibility

At xertica we are willing to help you because we know about innovative and agile solutions!