From private cloud to Digital Transformation: The successful journey of Papel San Francisco and Xertica Managed Services

The need for flexibility and growth

‍Papel San Francisco has undergone a significant transformation in its technological infrastructure to adapt to the demands of growth and become more agile. Previously, they were using on-premise hosting, which hindered their ability to expand efficiently.

Part of the difficulties that this service entailed was an over budget, lack of compliance with implementation dates and increasingly complicated processes. They then moved to a private cloud, but found this option to be bureaucratic and lacked the flexibility needed for their growth.

‍“With the pandemic we looked for collaborative work tools and discovered the Public Cloud. After proposals, presentations, demo tests and proofs of concept, we decided to migrate our infrastructure to the public cloud with Google Cloud and Xertica. From this, the growing operational demand made it evident that we needed support to manage it and have an external support team that could support us if required. “We needed to optimize the resources and times of our work teams to focus on growth.” Comments Sergio Colunga, CIO of Papel San Francisco.

‍‍Xertica Managed Services

‍To achieve this goal, Papel San Francisco turned to the Managed Services provided by Xertica. The main focus was on providing managed services that would allow them to optimize their infrastructure and resources through automated monitoring, optimizations, security and reporting products and a team focused on their needs 365 days a year. Below are the services provided:

1. GCP Infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform): Xertica is responsible for monitoring, detecting and managing Papel San Francisco's infrastructure in the Google cloud. This included monitoring performance, ensuring resources were available, and managing any infrastructure-related issues.

2. SAP Basis Managed Services: To ensure proper functioning of your SAP environment, Xertica took care of the administration and monitoring of SAP Basis. This included SAP upgrades, SAP software startup and shutdown, performance management, capacity and incident/problem management, event monitoring, service level measurement and reporting.

In addition to these services, Xertica provided comprehensive technical support to Papel San Francisco. The entity was able to generate requests that were diagnosed and resolved by Xertica after obtaining customer approval.

‍Efficiency and optimization of resources

‍The collaboration with Xertica and the adoption of Managed Services has provided Papel San Francisco with a series of significant benefits:

- Production migration in one month from start to finish.
- Support and personalized attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Cost reduction of more than 50% from its previous provider in terms of infrastructure.

The presence of Xertica as a strategic partner has improved communication and support compared to the previous infrastructure. With console administration and the ability to translate technical concepts, Xertica has become a reliable and efficient ally for Papel San Francisco. Xertica's specialization in cloud services and its ability to provide visibility at the console has strengthened the relationship and streamlined issue resolution.

Additionally, the implementation of Managed Services has allowed Papel San Francisco to access specialized training and continuous support over time. In addition to the initial training, knowledge has been developed during the process of working together. Knowledge transfer without blind spots has empowered the Papel San Francisco team to better understand processes and improve their resource management.

While it is true that the implementation of cloud services entails a logical increase in costs for Papel San Francisco, Papel San Francisco has experienced significant savings in other areas. By not having internal staff dedicated to managing the infrastructure or dealing with incidents, the company has managed to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. In addition, the size of its computing center has been considerably reduced, which implies savings in both costs and physical space. This approach not only has economic benefits, but also a positive impact on the environment.

‍“From the budget you have, you have to be aware that there will be a logical increase of 10 to 15% and you should not get frustrated. It is logical because things come up that neither you nor your provider could know about. For example, growth in the database or new projects. The savings are significant in resources and in the load of functions of the IT area that becomes more efficient.” Comments Sergio Colunga, CIO of Papel San Francisco.‍

‍Next steps: Continuous innovation and optimization

‍On the horizon, Papel San Francisco plans to continue developing in the field of the cloud and the application of disruptive technologies. They are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in business processes, with the aim of automating tasks and further optimizing their resources. The vision includes applying algorithms to facilitate automated purchasing and leveraging technology to drive efficiency and resource optimization.

At Xertica, we are proud to be part of Papel San Francisco's digital enablement and to support them in their process towards digital transformation.